A Spotlight on International PRS Artists

Posted Apr 19, 2024


A Spotlight on International PRS Artists

PRS Guitars’ roster of official artists is a truly worldwide community. In an effort to highlight individual members of the extended PRS family outside of the United States, we proudly present the first in a series spotlighting those artists who are waving the PRS flag around the globe. For our inaugural feature, we take a closer look at Paulo Morete from Spain, Germán Gallardo from Mexico, and Gonzalo Sanhueza of Chile.


Paulo Morete // Spain

Growing up in a musical household, Spanish Guitarist Paulo Morete gravitated to the guitar at early age. Paulo currently serves as lead guitarist for the rock-metal band Absenci, which he co-founded with vocalist Xaro Palmero, bassist David Segado, and drummer Javier Suárez. He is also well-known for his long tenure with hard rock outfit Inmune, which disbanded in 2020. Paulo is also active solo artist, having released his debut instrumental single "When" in 2021, followed up by the release of “Orca” earlier this year. Check out Paulo's recent review of the MT 100 below!

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Germán Gallardo // Mexico

Hailing from Mexico, Germán Gallardo is a session guitarist, producer, and sound engineer. He is most well-known for his long running collaboration with platinum singer-songwriter Jose Madero. As a guitarist, he has toured extensively throughout South, Central, and North America. As a sound engineer, he has recorded and mixed tracks for other artists, music agencies, and commercial businesses, in addition to producing his own records as a solo artist. Germán is also a published author and an active guitar instructor.

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Gonzalo Sanhueza // Chile

Based in Chile, guitarist Gonzalo Sanhueza’s musical journey began in the early nineties as a member of the shred band "Hacker", a group “instrumental” in shaping the Chilean metal scene. In 2006 Gonzalo released his first solo record "Mundo Perdido”, positioning him as one of the leading heavy guitarists in Chile. He has since shared the stage with some major names including Kiko Loureiro, Vinnie Moore, Riche Kotzen and Joe Satriani. In 2012 he released a sophomore record, "Desde el Infierno," followed by a Live DVD in 2015.

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